Philosophy of Care

The underlying philosophy of care in the Home is firstly to recognise the importance of each resident as a unique person and respect him or her as individuals coming from various backgrounds with different cultures and needing different levels of support. Time is also needed to show them that they are cared about, and as far as possible help to come to terms with all their losses (independence, own home and many belongings, loved ones, freedom and autonomy, physical strength, mental skills and abilities, lack of motivation and loss of self-esteem).

The aim of the Home is to offer realistic opportunities to the residents to remain as independent as possible and help them to enjoy life by providing safe and comfortable surroundings, friendly and qualified staff, plus mental stimulation, physical exercise, entertainment and outings into the community and to enhance their days by encouraging them to take part and live their lives as fully as their capabilities will allow in a positive manner, evaluating the risks and making their own choices. Consult them regularly by holding resident’s meetings where ideas may be put forward and discussed, information and explanations given, complaints, difficulties or anxieties sorted out.

The Home does provide choice, challenge and an independence of spirit. Input is encouraged from outside sources. Professional advice is available and support from professional services regarding personal affairs and health matters. Relatives and friends are encouraged to visit, and they are made to feel welcome at all times in an environment of love and affection, support and peace, free from prejudice and discrimination where the residents are free to follow their own pattern of life, spiritual journey or faith.