Letters of Praise

Listed below are just a few comments that we have received from both residents and visitors.

“Hi Sam, Just wanted to say what a great success the Garden Party was today. Mum really had a good time and will sleep well tonight lol. The live music was excellent and fitted in really well. Please thank all of those involved in making this such a great event. Regards T”

“Beryl spent nearly two years with you all and I think they were probably the happiest of her long life.”

“We chose a home near where we lived so that we could pop in and see mum at anytime and without exception we were made to feel welcome. Her care and management was caring and professional and of a high standard. We were kept informed and consulted about her at every stage.”

“I wish to thank all the staff at Ridgegate at all levels for making my mother’s stay at the home such a positive experience. Positive for her as well as for her family.”

“Some people have a special gift for making sure that everyone is cared for. They know how to make people feel contented and wanted, and always remember little things that make life more comfortable. You are all these kind of people and we thank you for these considerations which were shown to our father.

“We received this today, what a lovely thing to receive on a Monday Morning ….Good morning  I just wanted to say how caring and loving your care staff have been . During the last few weeks I’ve noticed the deep kindness that your care staff have shown to E and family along with D.  
Although I’m not directly related to either of these families I’ve noticed the care that they have shown .It must be hard as each resident becomes part of the family  and when they fall ill and fade away its difficult not to be upset but your staff have shown great respect and love towards family and resident. 
I just wanted to pass on my thoughts because it doesn’t go unnoticed .
Monica – Daughter of resident.”