This is a short list of questions, which are often asked by prospective residents.

1. Can I keep my own doctor?

Yes, if he agrees to continue your care when you move into Ridgegate. Of course we can take care of arrangements in getting you registered with a new practitioner if needs be. We have a good reliable network of local surgeries in the area and most of the doctors within these are already familiar with the home.

2. Are there any restrictions on visitors?

Not at all. The staff at Ridgegate are always happy to welcome your relatives and friends at any time. All we ask is that visitors sign the ‘visitor book’ on arrival and when they leave so we know who is on the premises at all times.

3. Can I invite my visitors for a meal or can they stay overnight?

Yes. We are happy to have any visitors stay with us for lunch or supper. Although not obligatory we would always be grateful for any small contributions towards the Residents funds. Your visitors are also welcome to stay overnight providing we have a room available at the time.

4. Can I come and go as I please?

Yes. All we ask is that you let us know that you are going out and that. You sign the ‘Going Out’ Book in the hall when you go and when you come back.

5. What happens if I become ill?

If any of or Residents become ill we would contact their GP and request a home visit. They will be cared for at Ridgegate for as long as is practically possible within a residential home setting and providing we do not contravene our registration guidelines. If a doctor felt it necessary, you may be admitted to hospital and would come home the moment you were well enough.

6. Where does the charity element come in?

Ridgegate is registered with the Charity Commission No. 204859. Ridgegate is a non-profit making organisation. Any surplus accumulated is ploughed back into the business for the benefit of the Residents.

7. What is included in the fees?

Everything, besides fees from domiciliary services, i.e. chiropodist and hairdresser your own personal telephone and newspapers etc. See services provided for further details.

8. Can I have a snack if I feel hungry?

Residents can inform a member of staff if they feel that they would like a snack in between meals.

9. Is there a medically trained person on the staff?

Staff receive training in all areas of care, first aid, manual handling, fire and health and safety.

10. Can I have a private telephone and television in my room?

Yes. Residents can choose to have their own telephone installed. Charges from the phone are the responsibility of the resident. Each resident’s room has the facility for a television. Should you wish to bring your own television we are happy for you to do this. As with all electrical items it will need to be safety checked with our electrician before use.

11. Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes. We really want to create a ‘home from home’ atmosphere within Ridgegate and what better way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable than to have your own belongings around you. We would be happy to discuss any preferences you have with regard to how the bedroom is laid out. If you have any favourite pictures you would like hung on the walls we can also arrange that for you.