Covid-19 update

How we are responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update 15th June  2020th

To maintain the safety of our residents and staff we will continue with current restrictions on relatives visits.  This is in line with CQC guidelines and the advice from our Nursing Advisor.

We do understand that this is difficult for all but we would not be taking these extreme measures unless they were absolutely necessary and therefore it is essential, we continue to enforce these – our residents are still considered as extremely vulnerable and fall into the shielding category.


Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff continues to be our most important priority. Older residents in care homes are amongst the most vulnerable transmission groups of the COVID-19 virus. Below you will find the steps we are taking to protect residents in our care and staff in our employment.

Cessation of non-urgent visits

As a preventive step all non-urgent visits to Ridgegate Home are being prohibited. Non urgent includes anything where its cessation will not cause immediate risk of harm to the physical or mental wellbeing of our residents and or staff. Examples below.

Permitted to visit emergency visits from healthcare professionals to carry out assessments or treatment

Not permitted: visits from contractors unless they are required to carry out urgent health and safety work.

Visits from friends and family

We are politely reminding friends and family that visiting residents is not permitted.

We are sure that friends and family will understand our reasoning – to protect both our residents and our staff.

We have organised a portal to be available with Skype facilities for those of you wishing to make video contact with your loved ones.

Keeping in contact

As aforementioned, restrictions on non-essential visits does not mean you have to lose contact with your loved ones. Feel free to phone us where you can still speak to your loved one via phone or see via video calls.

Extra steps

Care staff and management have implemented a variety of extra steps to help protect our residents and employees. These include.

     1)  Routine deep or extra cleaning.

      2) Encouraging 20-seconds hand washing for residents and staff.

      3) Enforcing hand sanitisation stations at the front door, for use upon entry and exit.

      4) Hand sanitisation stations are positioned around our home for regular use. We have good stocks, as do our suppliers, of soap and hand sanitisers.

      5) Ensuring our care staff are aware of the key symptoms of COVID-19 and how to monitor them in residents and team members.

      6) Displaying pictorial information at the entrance of the home to advise visitors on safeguarding of residents and staff.  

An on-going situation

We continue to follow the advice and guidelines provided by Public Health England during this pandemic. As the situation changes, we will constantly review and adapt our approach.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions about our response to COVID-19 or the current situation at Ridgegate, please feel free to call on 01737 242926 or email on We thank you for your co-operation and for considering the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff at this time.